Happenings in the Nation's Capital

This is the McOmber place. A little place where we record our adventures in the nation’s capital and surrounding areas. A good friend once told us to record the fun memories, even if they are tiny because life is hard and times will come when we will want to look back on the good moments. This is a little place we’ve created to do just that. In fact, the other day Kyle and I were looking back on pictures we have taken over the last 8 months here in Washington D.C. and realized we had forgotten a lot of funny stories and memories.

After meeting in Utah over the summer, we spent a quick two weeks together and began the long haul of a long distance relationship….for nine months! I’ll probably post a little bit more on that later, but we finally were able to spend more than 2 weeks together once we were married on June 28. Not even a month after that, we packed up everything we could fit into my tiny Nissan Versa and made the trek out to Washington D.C., visiting some sites along the way including my mission (Independence Missouri Mission) and where he lived for his two year TFA experience (Roanoke Rapids, NC).

Thanks for following along! We’re happy to have you here!