Hello spring! Why don't you stay for a while?

Spring is here in the Nation's Capital! Well, at least trying to fight winter and show it's here. It's been so nice to break out the skirts and wear short sleeves again (in all reality, I still wear a cardigan because office life tends to be on the cool air conditioned side). It's made me so happy to see warm weather and greenery appear again. So happy, in fact, that I had Kyle meet me for lunch near his work, next to the park by the White House. 

They have the cutest little stone tables and chairs with an engraved checkerboard
just if you happened to bring your checks or chess set along to play.  

This lunch was so good! Corner Bakery Cafe never disappoints.

Hi pretty flowers outside my work! Thanks for popping up to say hello.

Oh I love Capitol Hill row houses. Always so colorful.

We drove into Georgetown one afternoon to explore Dumbarton
Oaks Park. I want to go back once everything has bloomed. 

We also took a trip out to the Potomac Waterfront for a stroll.
There was a family of Canadian Geese that had the same idea.

My absolute favorite thing so far this season has been a pair of eagles (appropriately named "Mr. President" and "The First Lady") who made their home at the U.S. National Arboretum. They noticed them making a nest and then discovered two eggs were getting ready to hatch. A camera was set up and I found most of my coworkers had the live feed on in the top corner of their screens. They eventually hatched and there is a contest in naming the two eaglets. 

Angry mom!

The first baby.

So fluffy!

I was surprised to see how quickly they started eating whole foods
including the fish that Mr. President would bring into the nest.

A second eaglet! I think he had just fallen over on his back.

Mr. President eventually discovered the camera and wasn't too happy about it. 

Wings around each other. I died when I saw this. 

A happy D.C. family!

Another spring to the district means another season with the Cherry Blossoms! I love them every year. And every year we learn to avoid coming during the day to avoid the crowds. It's funny how a year can make you forget things because we always end up showing up during the day again! We can't stay away!

I even met Kyle after work one evening where we rented bikes to go see the blossoms by sunset. 

So beautiful!

And of course, we made a stop at our favorite gelato
place, Pitango (more about this heavenly spot HERE).

Chocolate and banana for the win.

I'm sure there will be a couple of teaser rain and snow storms, but
I am so happy to see you spring and hope you are here to stay!


Dear March...I can't believe you are here! February was a bit of a long month. So much has been going on lately and I have been really bad at updating the blog! So this is just kind of a catch up and to update on some fun things that have been happening lately. 

Dear voting...First, we voted....well, I voted...Kyle went in to the wrong center and had to mail in his vote. It felt great to be a citizen with a voice in the area. 

Dear Samuel... how come you are almost 5 months old?! It's KILLING me! Stop growing baby! I won't see you again until June and you must stay little!

Dear Nature...We went on a walk by our house the other day and saw a family of deer. It was so peaceful and quiet. Thank you for being you.

Dear Sunday Treats... Thank you for existing. I made banana cream pie Sunday for fun and tried not to eat the whole thing.

Dear Boo Radley...You are one cool cat of ours....you've been really sweet lately and we love having you around. 

Dear Ice Cream and Trying to Be Good...Kyle is so good at creating new flavors of you. He gets the really good milk and cream from a local dairy and it makes all the difference. In fact, Sunday was a new flavor: toasted coconut ice cream. Well, I've been trying to be good at healthy eating (Whole 30, Paleo, etc.) and it was a fight to keep from having a bowlful. 

Dear Spring...We've had crazy rain lately! I KNOW you are upon us and we can feel you looking around the corner. We are ready for you!

Dear Trade Joe's on Capital Hill...Great shout out to the Nation's Capital.

Dear SoulCycle...You are AWESOME! And so is my work for giving me free classes every once and a while! It's such a great workout and the bikes are so clean and work well. But somehow, you also do so well at making me feel like I jumped in a swimming pool once I'm done. You know how to get me! 

Dear McOmber Place Blog...That's about it for the update. I promise to try to be better at spending time with you. We are looking forward to another fun spring and summer here in Washington D.C. and beautiful Virginia.