Bumpdate: Week 24, National Arboretum and Basilica National Shrine

This Week's Details:

How far along? 24 Weeks

Size of baby? Ear of corn!

Stretch marks?

Sleep? It was finally this week that I had to resort to putting a pillow between my legs or behind my back. But after a couple of nights, that wore off and I was fine to sleep how I normally do. I'm hoping that it stays that way for a while!

Best moment this week? There were tons of good moments this week that I can't narrow them down to one. We drove up over the weekend to visit the Amish/Dutch Country in Pennsylvania, visited the National Arboretum and the Basilica National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (beautiful church!). We also got our first official baby present from our wonderful friends Natalie and Jonathan. And finger puppets? It's genius! I can't wait to play with her and these fun things.

Maternity Clothes? As I was leaving for Utah, my mom almost took me to a store but we ran out of time. I'm noticing that overall, it's just comfier to wear maternity clothes! I'm making some things work still but for the most part, there is nothing like wearing comfortable capris with a belly band. I've officially caved but it's all for her.

Missing? Nothing really. Just loving seeing her grow!

Movement? I have started to feel her more and more and I love it. There are moments where it still feels like it's just my stomach but then I remember to log away the fact that it is her kicking.

Food cravings? I feel pretty back to normal with these regard. I like the occasional treat but that's always how it has been.

Food Aversions? Lucky here too!

Bump? She is starting to show more and more everyday. I feel like it still hasn't 'popped' though.

Gender? Girl!

Names? Sticking with the ones we've picked out but just need to see her to be sure.

Labor Signs? Nope!

Looking Forward To? This next week Kyle and I will celebrate our third wedding anniversary! So crazy how fast time flies. We are going to take a trip down to see Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown and the Outerbanks. And I'm always happy to swim in the ocean especially with this growing belly. I also have an appointment next Thursday to see our little girl's face again!

We finally made a trip to see the National Arboretum and Basilica National Shrine. Amazing! We also took our little girl up to see the D.C. temple which is always amazing.

Bouquet for baby girl!

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