Washington National Cathedral

We finally got up to Northeast D.C. to visit the National Cathedral. Kyle, the lucky duck, has been to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris but this was my first time to one of this size. It was breathtaking and I felt a lot of peace, being in an area where so many come to worship. There were times it reminded me of a castle and I pictured myself transported to a medieval period, thinking what it would of been like. And I thought a lot about Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast's castles. Just because Disney happens to be on the brain a little too much. It's fine. We love taking the time to explore these amazing sights!

Also we thought a lot about Hogwarts and Kyle prepping to go play Quidditch down on the field. 

The Renwick Gallery, Across From the White House

Kyle and I took a trip to see the Renwick Gallery and it was BEAUTIFUL! I will let the pictures do the talking but I'm so glad we went and took our time. I love expressive art like this and it's neat to think of what the artist was trying to portray. We will definitely try and make it back sometime soon!

We ended our day by visiting Pleasant Pops and had ourselves the yummiest coconut and chocolate popsicles. 

A Night Out with the Wizards and the Jazz

I love my work and how wonderful they are to share their box office with us from time to time. I got tickets to see the Washington Wizards play the Utah Jazz because....well, go Jazz! I think being from Utah they were always my favorite team but it was also fun to go and see the Wizards play for the first time. We invited our friends Nate and Michelle who definitely outdid us in the outfit department. Kyle, we'll have to remember our jerseys next time.

I've been on the Whole 30 program to make sure I get good nutrients in and to
add a little discipline to what I am eating. A big thing of fruit is always a nice treat.

We had some other friends who were also at the game and had scored tickets down by the court.
We went to visit them and watched a bit of the game from their view.

Love this guy.

We finished off with Pink Berry and I enjoyed yet another serving of fruit. 

And here's looking at you Kyle. I love fun nights out with you.