August: The Start of DC Life

I'm going to be cheesy and say that I didn't feel like my life officially started until I met Kyle. He is everything to me and being out here with him in D.C. has made me realize that even more. We moved out the first bit of August and spent about a week trying to find a place to live. It was a bit of a shock to realize how much money would slip out of our bank account each month but we somehow managed to find a heavenly place with a wonderful landlord and a small, adorable apartment. The moving didn't get in the way of my birthday however, and I was spoiled :)

Georgetown Cupcakes on the Mall (the monument officially looks like a missile ready to launch with all the scaffolding - poor little guy almost broke down due to an earthquake)

Going to the National Zoo and Learning the Ways of the Metro

Kyle's Long Lost Brother with the Same Name (On loan from the one and only Hogle Zoo)

So, a funny story. While Kyle was living out in North Carolina for two years, he said he would ALWAYS have to take a trip to Cafe Rio because he missed it so much. Tears came cascading down his face when he realized they had just put in a Cafe Rio 5 minutes from our apartment. How convenient. 

Picking out the Grad School Notebook...a very important event for anyone getting their masters (proud of you Kyle!) I insisted on the pandas but hey, can't always get your way. 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

There he is! So proud of Kyle beginning his masters degree! I made him get a picture in front of AU's sign. We had explored the campus earlier on and since I wouldn't begin my internship until the next Monday, I would sit outside and read during his first classes. Such a pretty campus. 

Oh boy! Oh boy! This was on a dome tour of the U.S. Capitol. I started an internship in Senator Orrin Hatch's office with their press team and it was a quick crash course into politics, but overall, it's been a good experience. 

One of our favorites, Good Stuff Eatery. We can't stay away from their burgers and shakes. Right next door is also We the Pizza (love the pun on We the People, being in the nation's capital) with the best 'white pizza' I have ever tasted. Loving D.C. and newly wed life with Kyle. 

June 28 and Beyond

Here's a little update to where we are now just to have a place for the memories. It all begins on June 28....well, actually almost a year before that (long dating relationship post coming soon). Kyle and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple and everything was perfect. We had an amazing ceremony and a beautiful reception (more to come on the details of that as well). I couldn't believe I was finally married to the man of my dreams (such a cliche saying, but oh so true) and that we had overcome a long distance relationship.

We spent an amazing week in Cancun, stuffing our faces with all types of food, swimming in the ocean, getting free drinks, (also pizza, sushi, bbq pork nachos, you name it) on the beach along with the classic sunburn and a few minor jellyfish stings. Luckily, a nice man from Australia was there to help me out when I didn't know why there was a squiggly mark on my wrist and back :( 

 The nice place where we stayed

The ruins of Chicen Itza (or as I liked to call it, Chicken Pizza)

Viva La Mexico!! 

El Enojado Medusa! (Kyle had to draw a picture to the health people at the resort because they didn't understand 'Jellyfish' or 'Medusa'...or just didn't know what we were talking about)

After that, we had a fun month and a half before leaving to cross the country. I'm so glad we had this time to be with each other's families more than we had been before and to get in one last good Utah summer, not knowing when we would be back.

SLC 'Days of 47' Rodeo

'Days of 47' MOTAB Concert

Kyle and I were going on a run one afternoon when I spotted this little guy. Turns out, he'd been missing for two weeks so we ran to get his owners and they retrieved the little fella. And of course, I didn't want to hold him....

It's What Fun Is - With Art and Becca at Lagoon on the eve of our departure.

At companion Gravy's wedding - and married one month!

The next morning we set sail for our cross country trip including a few selfish stops in the Missouri Independence Mission. 

Our sad car....I'm so surprised we fit what we did. Every time we would stop to stay for the night, we'd pull out our bags and a perfect indentation of where they had been stayed there. Packed. To. The Brim. 

Beginning a 7 day trek with our car scrapping up the highway. 

On a beautiful spot of land in Lees Summit, Missouri. I would not mind living here some day. This was visiting one of the best families in the world, the Laudies! They let us take their four wheeler our for a spin.

A piece of my heart still lives in this place. Liberty Jail.

The beautiful Nauvoo temple. 

After seven long days of travel, we finally made it to Washington, D.C.!
To be continued...