A Merry Little Christmas

We had an amazing time with my family over Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning. It's always so neat to be with loved ones over the holidays. We were lucky this year because everyone was able to fly out, making it one of the first times since my wedding that we've all been together (minus Bobby who is serving a mission in Germany). Our family is changing so much but it's so fun to see new babies added into the mix.

The whole gang. There's a lot of us but I love it. 

I COULD NOT hold this baby enough. He is the sweetest little thing. 

Baby Sam and Big Baby Wyatt.

More holding Samuel.

Cutest baby Petey!

Plenty of sugar cookie decorating going on.

Okaaaaay. Here she is. Crack Pie. Talked about from THIS post. And you can go
either HERE or HERE for the recipe. Your taste buds will thank me later.

Every Christmas morning, Kyle and I like to get outside before anyone else has woken up to go for a little jog.
We stop and listen to the stillness of the Christmas morning. It is one of my all time favorite things.

More baby holding! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Nerf Gun War

Kyle had the amazing idea for everyone to get Nerf guns for Christmas and have a Nerf gun war. We set up barricades, split into teams and had the best Nerf gun war I have ever had (to be honest, I haven't had a lot...but this one was definitely on the top of the list). I saw sides come out of members of my family that I didn't know were there. We started a new tradition with Kyle's idea....that's for sure! Thanks Kyle!

Strategy was always involved.

Many dramatic deaths also took place.

Mid-run into the fire. This is more terrifying than it looks. 

I LOVE that a teddy bear was used as cover. 

Watching another war outside of the arena with these boys. 

Make Your Own Gingerbread House

My cute mom went out and got decorations for us to make Gingerbread Houses on Christmas Eve. I was curious to see what the amazing houses would turn out to be and I was not disappointed.There's nothing like candy separated into bowls, preparing to be used/eaten.

And then chaos...

Olivia and Carl made a cute house complete with pillars, with a gumdrop walkway and a big Christmas wreath.
Cute Ella Bella made a ship with sea creatures hanging out on the outside.
Whenever Kyle and I take a picture together, I usually have to check to make sure he isn't 
making a face. And then this picture was taken because he was definitely making a face.
Bird's Eye View. 
 Ty made a detailed house from the inside.
Of course Sammy and Max made the Star Wars R2D2.
Kimmy and Eric live in Wisconsin while Eric is going to dental school. So they were geniuses and made a dentist office. 
Look at the tiny tools! Amazing!
And we just HAD to make the White House. 
 Putting the finishing touches on our White House flag while the President and First Lady Gummy Bears watch.
I love this sister of mine.
The final product! We decided that with everything combined, we made quite the cute community and neighborhood.
 Merry Christmas Eve!