Spartan Race #2 - The Super

Kyle's second Spartan race was by far his hardest, or so he said. I believe him after watching him go through every obstacle. This course was 9 1/2 miles with 29 obstacles. There were some obstacles I couldn't see but for all other parts, I had a rough workout just keeping up with him. I've loved watching him race and seeing how hard he has worked to train and stay in good shape to get a good time. And he did get a good time, completing all mileage and tasks in under 4 hours! Keep on going are doing awesome!

The course. Bleh.

 This was after coming down a HUGE hill. In fact, this course was chuck full of hills.

Waving goodbye before seeing him again for a while. 

This was one of my favorite parts. The course was at a ski resort and so naturally, I took the ski lift up and down to watch him at certain obstacles. 

Someone brought their angel dog to run the race with her. The dog was so sweet.

Tired little kiddies waiting for their Dad. 

This was near the end and his worst obstacle. He had to carry a bucket full of rocks up a huge hill. 

I watched him get this cut on his arm and it was intense. 

The fire jump!

Good lookin' guy.

Battle wounds to show off.

"Challenge & surprise myself. Kyle McO"

The #WHYIRACE board.

His final time!

This is always one of my favorite things. Everyone has the chance to write down their reason for why they signed up and ran the Spartan. Some are inspiring. Some are hilarious. These are a few of my favorites.

One of my all time favorites. This is such a cool race. Way to go Kyle! 

The Happiest Birthday

I was one spoiled girl on my birthday this year! When I heard that Wolf Trap, an outdoor theater in Virginia, would be hosting a 'Disney in Concert', I immediately knew what I wanted to do for my birthday. Kyle was such a good sport and sat by my side while I secretly sang every song they played. It was a beautiful night and it hit right in the feels every time we listened to another Disney classic compilation. Kyle also made me an amazing breakfast and knew exactly what to get me including one of my favorite flowers, the sunflower.

We went to the Disney In Concert before my birthday so on my actual birthday, Kyle ran his second Spartan race down near Charlottesville, Virginia. We ate at a fun restaurant and then my dreams came true when we stopped by a peach orchard and picked up some fresh peaches. 

Something about me is that my all time favorite fruit is a peach and I miss our beautiful Utah peaches every summer.
I was so shocked to find that Virginia had just as good of peaches. We made sure to buy at least two dozen.

The breathtaking sunset on our drive home. 

Kyle even made me peach ice cream!

Nothing better than a mug full of fresh peaches! Thanks Kyle for an amazing birthday!