Bumpdate: Week 24, National Arboretum and Basilica National Shrine

This Week's Details:

How far along? 24 Weeks

Size of baby? Ear of corn!

Stretch marks?

Sleep? It was finally this week that I had to resort to putting a pillow between my legs or behind my back. But after a couple of nights, that wore off and I was fine to sleep how I normally do. I'm hoping that it stays that way for a while!

Best moment this week? There were tons of good moments this week that I can't narrow them down to one. We drove up over the weekend to visit the Amish/Dutch Country in Pennsylvania, visited the National Arboretum and the Basilica National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (beautiful church!). We also got our first official baby present from our wonderful friends Natalie and Jonathan. And finger puppets? It's genius! I can't wait to play with her and these fun things.

Maternity Clothes? As I was leaving for Utah, my mom almost took me to a store but we ran out of time. I'm noticing that overall, it's just comfier to wear maternity clothes! I'm making some things work still but for the most part, there is nothing like wearing comfortable capris with a belly band. I've officially caved but it's all for her.

Missing? Nothing really. Just loving seeing her grow!

Movement? I have started to feel her more and more and I love it. There are moments where it still feels like it's just my stomach but then I remember to log away the fact that it is her kicking.

Food cravings? I feel pretty back to normal with these regard. I like the occasional treat but that's always how it has been.

Food Aversions? Lucky here too!

Bump? She is starting to show more and more everyday. I feel like it still hasn't 'popped' though.

Gender? Girl!

Names? Sticking with the ones we've picked out but just need to see her to be sure.

Labor Signs? Nope!

Looking Forward To? This next week Kyle and I will celebrate our third wedding anniversary! So crazy how fast time flies. We are going to take a trip down to see Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown and the Outerbanks. And I'm always happy to swim in the ocean especially with this growing belly. I also have an appointment next Thursday to see our little girl's face again!

We finally made a trip to see the National Arboretum and Basilica National Shrine. Amazing! We also took our little girl up to see the D.C. temple which is always amazing.

Bouquet for baby girl!

A Trip to Amish Country

Kyle and I had always wanted to visit Amish Country and found a weekend where we could make the two hour trip up north. It is so beautiful and really an amazing part of the country! 

We stopped by a little market that had the best sandwiches and apple cider. 

Kyle found a piano out in the open and surprised me once again by playing a little tune. 

Horse drawn carriages!

We stopped by to have the best soft pretzels which is what the area is known for!

Legit name of the city...Bird-in-Hand. 

Cute little Amish girls getting ice cream. 

We picked up some homemade doughnuts and played a round of corn hole.

Beautiful farm country!

I am slightly...and only slightly...embarrassed by the number of covered bridges I made Kyle stop at so I could grab a picture. I loved them!

Such a fun day to visit an area we had wanted to see for a while!

Bumpdate: 22 Weeks & A Strawberry Patch

How far along? 22 Weeks

Size of baby? A huge spaghetti squash!

Stretch marks? Not yet. Still diligently putting on cocoa butter every night.

Sleep? And it hits. The problem with sleeping. The last couple of nights, I've gone to bed and then I just sit there. I'm not sure if it's the change in the weather or my body (probably a little of both), but I could not get comfortable! Kyle was such a sweetheart and gave me a back massage to help but I still found myself not drifting off like I normally do. I resorted to the pillow between the knees and that seemed to help on the first night but the second night, it took me about an hour and a half to fall asleep. Ugh! I hope this doesn't start a trend.

Best moment this week? Flying out to Utah to visit family for a wedding, homecoming and blessing! Post to come.

Maternity Clothes? I've received some clothes from Kyle's sisters but I have yet to try them on. I'm still seeing what I can make work with what I have. Kyle was yet again so nice and suggested we take a family outing to Target to get a couple of essentials. And then...I had to admit that I can't zip up most of my skirts. I don't know what it is...I just don't want to have to buy any yet! I think it's the thought that I will only be wearing them for a short amount of time and I don't want to spend the money on them....but it looks as if this fight will come to an end soon.

Missing? Exercise! I've been trying to go on walks and eat well but I miss the daily morning hard gym workout. Until I was pregnant and my work schedule changed, Kyle and I were pretty diligent about getting to the gym every morning for a solid hour. And I loved being able to exercise my body and feel like I was making a difference. I know right now is the most important time to be exercising, but mentally AND physically, it's been a challenge for me. I feel like I am not making progress how I used to...but then I think about my little girl and how she needs me to exercise and I remember where my motivation should come from. Plus, I will need to be in some sort of shape once she comes so I can get back into the swing of things easier.

Movement? It might just be the fact that I now know what she feels like but I feel like she is moving ALL the time. The other night it seemed like she was pushing her feet and hands out and just holding that position for a couple of seconds and then releasing. I was laughing with Kyle the other day as I told him that it just felt like she was doing somersaults in a row for a good five minutes. I guess she's got to keep herself entertained somehow!

Food cravings? I've actually been craving healthy salads and fruit which is great! After our Utah trip especially with all the good food we had, I've wanted to get back into healthy eating and cooking.

Food Aversions? Nothing this week.

Bump? It was so funny to see family and hear all the different comments on my bump or lack of one. I heard "you're barely even showing!" to "cutest baby bump!". It probably also depended on how much I was eating. I had bought my dress for the wedding before I was pregnant so from my perspective, the bump was definitely showing through the dress.

Gender? Girl! It's so fun to have events with family where I think forward to the future and how this little girl will be loved by so many.

Names? We are trying to keep names quiet but told family this weekend and got all kinds of responses. I try not to let any response change my feelings about the names we've picked out for now. Kyle seems to be leaning to one name while I am leaning towards another. So for now, we will just have to see what her name is when we meet her.

Labor Signs? Nope! Although after being on my feet all day at the wedding, homecoming and blessing and traveling all over, I could definitely tell the toll it was taking on me and baby. So tired!

Looking Forward To? Feeling these little kicks more. It seems like Kyle hasn't felt her as much lately so I'm looking forward to her growing and packing a more powerful kick!

We went to pick strawberries this weekend and it was so fun! I loved seeing them all laid out and it was really hard not to buy more than we should have! The trip was also accompanied by a trip to Willard's BBQ (of course). I can't wait to make jam and pies and smoothies and more! We also got some sweet photos of our baby girl that I can't stop looking at!

I love her! And I love what Kyle said about her too!

Definitely a girl!

Bumpdate: 18 Weeks & Trip to Harper's Ferry

This Week's Details:

How far along? 18 Weeks

Size of baby? An Artichoke or Sweet Potato (but let's be honest...they can be found in different sizes so it's hard to know exactly)

Stretch marks? Still nothing. I've loved my nightly ritual of putting on cocoa butter.

Sleep? Still doing okay at this point.

Best moment this week? Kyle and I finding out this little one is a GIRL! We had cupcakes made with the gender color inside and opened one together. I'm so glad we did it this way and I hope we continue this tradition for each baby.

Maternity Clothes? I am still holding out on not buying any!

Missing? Still missing deli meat sandwiches every now and then.

Movement? Not yet! I'm sure they are moving a ton but it may take a bit for my body to register what the movements are.

Food cravings? After opening up our cupcake on Monday, I've found that cake in general has been a craving. I now see a pattern with sweets although I've always been a sweets lover.

Food Aversions? I find that hamburger meat is still hard from time to time. It also depends on the day. Sometimes I will be wanting milk or something with calcium and other times, that is the last thing I want.

Bump? A tiny one! It still just feels like my stomach to me but I think I can see something starting to poke through.

Gender? Girl!

Names? Now that we know the gender, we have really started focusing in on names. I'd say we have about 5 that we are seriously considering. Kyle has given her the nickname of Squish from the get go and that has stuck for now.

Labor Signs? Nope! Although I do tend to get cramps every now and then but I think that is just my body getting used to the new weight.

Looking Forward To? Our baby moon in two weeks to Miami and the Florida Keys!

Kyle and I took a day trip out to see Harper's Ferry and it was the cutest little town. It started to rain on our hike so we warmed up with some hot chocolate....and maybe some ice cream afterwards.