Kyle and I were able to head up to Philadelphia. It was a short trip but that is something I love about living back east! There are so many neat places to visit that aren't too far away. Before our trip, I received a cute note in my lunch the day after Halloween with a skeleton sucker and a spanish note about making Dia De Los Muertos Cookies! I love my notes from Kyle :) I wasn't sure how we were going to make them seeing that they are skeletons with bright colors, but I think we did a pretty good job. New tradition!

Galletas! Delicioso! 

Sketchy part of town Philly! 

We had to get the infamous Philly Cheese Steak

There were two famous places to grab your cheesesteak, Pat's and Geno's. And yes, we got both. I liked Pat's better because it had a softer bun...but hard to tell favorites after eating two huge cheesy sandwiches.

Good ol' Ben's Grave. It was seven years good luck to throw a penny on there. There was a girl next to us who threw her penny about four different times and each time, it would roll off the grave. It was a sight to see ha ha we were laughing thinking she had earned 28 years of bad luck from that one. 

Independence Hall! It was cold again with that East Coast humidity. 

Liberty Bell! 

My one, true love in the Reading Market, a huge farmers/vendors market with all types of food and yummies. 

Sample testing of authentic flavored oil/vinegar by tap - It was hard not to buy one with a white peach and cranberry pear flavors 

Loved my tour guide. 

Happy Birthplace 'Merica! 

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