Spartan Race #1 - The Sprint

At the beginning of the year, Kyle decided he wanted to do a race in all three of the Spartan Race categories - Sprint, Super, and Beast. If you win all three, you get the Trifecta medal (it's basically a circular hold for your medals that you can display). I agreed that Kyle should make this goal and I even joined in on some of his workouts! And let me tell you...they were HARD! A lot of burpees were going on as well as bear crawls and sand bag holds. I've been really proud of Kyle and how hard he has worked. It was fun to go and snap some shots of him on his first race.  

It's always funny to me how happy they can be before a race like this one.

Over the beam jump.

Over the wall.

Flashing an "I love you" sign before heading through the area I couldn't watch.

Luckily, they had some photographers that shot these two great ones.

Between the first wall jumps and the up and over the mounds of mud, I had to wait
about an hour and a half. It was nice until I started to get hot and sunburned.

I think here he was hoping to hold up his shirt away from the
mud but it splashed in and then I got to carry it afterwards.

 Under the wall of mud and sweat. For the glory.

Rope climb.

Sandbag rope pull.

Spear throw (note how clean his shoes are).

Some burpees thrown in just for fun (#abs).

Barbed wire crawl...or in Kyle's case, roll.

 The epic fire jump picture.

Hydrating after the finish.

Nothing walked away without mud on it, including me.


After we showered off the mud (thank goodness), we went and got the burritos bigger than our faces. Kyle was determined to eat this thing by the end of the night and I'm so glad he did.

At the SLC Real vs. D.C. United soccer game later that night.

Way to go Kyle! So proud of you! Next race...Spartan Super
on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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