A Trip to Amish Country

Kyle and I had always wanted to visit Amish Country and found a weekend where we could make the two hour trip up north. It is so beautiful and really an amazing part of the country! 

We stopped by a little market that had the best sandwiches and apple cider. 

Kyle found a piano out in the open and surprised me once again by playing a little tune. 

Horse drawn carriages!

We stopped by to have the best soft pretzels which is what the area is known for!

Legit name of the city...Bird-in-Hand. 

Cute little Amish girls getting ice cream. 

We picked up some homemade doughnuts and played a round of corn hole.

Beautiful farm country!

I am slightly...and only slightly...embarrassed by the number of covered bridges I made Kyle stop at so I could grab a picture. I loved them!

Such a fun day to visit an area we had wanted to see for a while!

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