A Night at the Symphony

Kyle and I got free tickets to a symphony at the Kennedy Center. I was really excited because I had never been but heard it was really neat inside. We enjoyed the evening despite having the people beside us block us from exiting once the symphony was over (I guess it's not proper to leave until the applause is all the way finished...even if that applause has already lasted for ten minutes). 

The Kennedy Center is really only a hop and skip from where we live (including a 10 minute metro ride and 5 minute walk from Foggy Bottom Metro). A MUST in D.C. is going to BTS (Burger Tap & Shake). The BEST chocolate shake I have EVER had. Definitely worth going to, which we did, right before the symphony. 

I approve of date nights. I know it will be harder when we have kids to be able to go out as often, but for now, I love having one on one time with Kyle. 

And I love that I can completely and utterly be myself with him. 

The center is located right along the Potomac and we arrived just in time to see the sunset and a couple of loud booze cruises passing by. 

And just for good measure, because we don't take enough pictures. 

The inside was beautiful with the hanging chandeliers and deep red carpet. 

A big bust, er, head bust of John F. Kennedy. 

In the lobby, they had little kiosks where you could pick different parts of Kennedy's life and presidency to watch/listen to. Here, Kyle is demonstrating the proper way of holding the earphone and loves that it is being documented.  

One section of the lobby had flags hanging from all over the world. 

The symphony was wonderful...but a bit long... (an hour and a half!). It was neat to listen to the music and be with my best friend. And a good night to experience the Kennedy Center for the first time. 

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