Rock On

One thing Kyle and I miss about Utah are the mountains. Oh those mountains. A sight to look at but also a chance to break away from life and enjoy nature. Luckily, our friends also from Utah brought out their rock climbing gear and invited us to climb with them. We only drove about 20 minutes out of Arlington until we got to Carderock Park in Maryland, full of trees, a hiking trail and a shear drop rock perfect for climbing. It was nice to get away and into nature again. Kyle did great and was able to climb twice where I wasn't so fortunate and will need more training before my little arms can handle it again.

We tend to match much more often than we mean or want to...but it does make for a good photo.

With our rock climbing experts, Jacki and Tyson Lloyd. 

Me and my claws attempting to grab hold of something...let's just say some of us are better at rock climbing than others (cough..kyle..cough). I probably yelled down every 5 seconds, "Kyle, are you holding me?!" where he would calmly say, "Yes, babe, I've got you." Clearly, there may be some trust issues there...ha ha or it's just scary being 10 feet in the air and not realizing you can let go and the rope will hold you. Maybe rock climbing should be a trust date every couple should embark on at least once.

My coach and belayer/encourager....probably telling me all the good foods I get to eat if I get to the top. 

Getting suited up!

Look at him go!

Taking a breather on the ledge. Good form! Bravo!

Afterwards, Kyle took me to a charming Argentine Gelato Cafe, Dolcezza. Kyle beat me to glance at the flavors and pose without posing for my picture. 

Kyle took the usual route with a chocolate hazelnut combined with another flavor I can't remember right now...while I got a Thai Coconut Milk and a Pineapple Honey Lime. Good thing we went running that morning and rock climbing later on in the afternoon! Not as much guilt...more enjoying the flavors. A grand day overall. 

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