The Temple and Peach Ice Cream

In our temple sealing, Kyle and I were given the wonderful counsel to attend the temple once a week. I thought at the time it would be a cinch since we would just have to coordinate our schedules and go after work/school. I’ve actually been amazed at how we are able to find time to fit it in even though it’s hard when we have a lot going on. And I’ve also been amazed at what Satan does to work hard at getting us not to go. There were times where if we missed a week because of vacation or other events my stalwart husband would say we should go twice the next week to make up for what we lost. I’m usually more of a spirit of the law kind of person but loved to strive alongside him to keep this goal. Although we haven’t been perfect, we have definitely seen the blessings that come from regular temple attendance. Even if I am bad-tempered or stressed, once we go and I step outside again, I feel the renewed strength of the spirit and testimony that comes from being in the house of the Lord. And last night, we did just that. Kyle picked me up from the metro and we drove half an hour north to our beautiful Washington D.C. temple. We grabbed some dinner really quick and then headed in. Aside from serving and feeling the spirit, I love the one on one time I get with Kyle, technology and other distractions set aside. Love the temple. LOVE it.

Throwback to dating days and our first time going to the D.C. temple. 

(Kyle is making Chocolate Ice Cream in the photo above, but I couldn't resist sharing the Booster's involvement)

As we drove home, Kyle asked if he could grab some ingredients at the store for peach ice cream. Our wonderful upstairs neighbor Martina came back from South Carolina with some real Southern peaches and asked Kyle to make them into some ice cream (a whole separate post will be dedicated to the story of Kyle McOmber and his Ice Cream Lab soon). We pulled up at 10:15 and Kyle proceeded to pull ingredients out for this special treat. When it comes to Kyle making HIS ice cream, I ask if I can help but end up just sitting beside him on the counter admiring his skills. Last night was no different as he pulled the pre-peeled and pre-sliced peaches out of the fridge that had been ‘macerating’ (yes, it’s a real cooking term) in lemon juice, cinnamon and sugar. Boo even wanted in on the action and attempted several times to claw his way up our legs (we’re working on discipline right now). Kyle threw it in the mixer and pretty soon, it started to form. I decided I would test it out for him to make sure the ingredients all came together right….and I was glued to that Cuisinart for the rest of the night! It was AMAZING! Up until this, my favorites were Kyle’s Strawberry or his Chocolate with Salted Caramel flavors, but this takes the cake! (my favorite fruit is peaches however…I could live off of peaches all summer…especially if it’s Utah peaches) After I had stuffed myself with peach ice cream and we had gone to bed, Kyle pulled me close as we talked about our day. Hugging me tight, he said, “I want you to smile more. You’re so pretty when you smile.” How often do we forget to smile? Life can be hard but it doesn’t have to bring us down. Life is far too short not to smile more often. I love Kyle for this reason. He is always optimistic and works so hard to help me see the bright side of things. I tend to be a worrier and he reminds me of what really matters. And yes, I should smile more. Love you Kyle for making me a better person. Love the temple,  peach ice cream, being happy…and Kyle. 

(Boo's not too bad either. Here he is licking his chops after getting a sample of ice cream.)

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  1. Daphne LOVES your kitty. If we lived closer, I'm sure they'd be best pals.