"Ain't Nothing Like the Great Outdoors to Ease your Soul..."

So Kyle and I miss the mountains. That's probably the thing we both miss the most, being away from Utah. We were dying to go on a camping trip so we blocked out a weekend and took a trip up into the Shenandoah Valley. It wasn't Utah, but it was beautiful and almost looked more rainforest than anything else. We went with our good friends, the Lloyds and got our outdoor fix (for now at least).

Kyle and I had bought a tent at the beginning of the year and were so excited to set it up. Ours is the little green on the left. Also, this particular camping site was more like setting up in a park than the forest, but we take what we can get! 

It was beautiful with the rolling 'mountains' (more like hills) and the fog hanging low. 

The next day we hiked 'Old Rag' which was a lot harder than I thought it would be. The first bit was a normal hike starting out a little steep. Then, the path turned into boulders everywhere! It just felt like we were bouldering the whole time rather than hiking. It was neat to get all the way up to the top and look at the view. 

This should be on the cover of National Park Service Magazine. 

My love. 

Like a rainforest, no?

How we felt reaching the top. 

The rest of the gang. 

Everyone, including other hikers near us, were super grateful when I caught this falling boulder before it tumbled down on top of us all. 

We had a lot o' fun. Once we got in our tent for the night and during most of the hike, Kyle would sigh and express his love for the outdoors and nature. And I agree with him. It's pretty amazing. 

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