A Night of Hockey and a Bit of Disney Magic Too

At the beginning of November last year, I started a new job as a communications and marketing coordinator with the wonderful U.S. Chamber of Commerce in their Federation Relations department. It's been a blast meeting new people, starting new projects and expanding my mind. Although I miss Senator Hatch and team, I'm so grateful for a new position to hone fresh skills ("So Long Senator Hatch" post outlining the details of job adventures found HERE). Among all the other benefits of this job is a chance to take a seat in the USCC Box at the Verizon Center every now and then. It's a special treat and we've enjoyed the two times we've been able to go so far! 

We hiked up to the fourth floor slightly confused because neither of us had been to the Verizon Center, let alone to the executive suites. We eventually found our way there circling the building and came to the suite. 

The Game: Washington Capitals vs. Anaheim Ducks on February 6th! Capitals weren't off to a great start (yes, it's a one point difference, but it's also hockey).

I loved being up in the box for this game because it gave us a bird's eye view and I think we stayed a tiny bit warmer because of it! At this point the Caps and Ducks were tied. INTENSE.

What's a sporting event without a good hot dog with onions?

All beautiful $9 worth of it pictured here. 

I love this guy. 

Kyle is questioning whether he should pull a 'thumbs up' pose in this picture. 

TIED and into overtime! I'm not huge into hockey but this game was so good because overtime took them into a shoot out!

Yes, so intense. I was at the edge of my seat when not taking pictures of Kyle or the game. 

After four chances for both teams, the Capitals got lucky and scored.

At the Old Hockey Game. 

The Show: Disney on Ice. Yes, I took my husband to Disney on Ice. At last minute (I may have asked for them), tickets were available so I said, "Why not? It's another show to see." He's such a good sport, especially when I confirmed over and over again that we were seeing another hockey game.

One of the reasons I married Kyle is because I can be myself with him. Sometimes, too much of myself. But I guess he's okay with it because he is crazy too. It also didn't hurt that we were the only ones occupying the suite at the time. 

Long neck picture.

The show was really cute and full of little kid jokes, flashy lights and over exaggerated moves so us folks up high could see. Here was a scene with Cars out on the ice. 

The second half of the show was all about Toy Story. They had a moment where they lit up all of the toys as Andy's voice talked about each of them. It made me want to watch Toy Story again. 

Thank you Kyle for being my date to these great events. It was so nICE! (catch the pun?)

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