Love you forever and forever....

Kyle planned Valentine’s Day last year so I said I would take charge for this year. Kyle never gets away without a Valentines Day card full of all sorts of cheesiness. The images below made it into this year's card. 

I do agree Valentine’s Day mainly is targeted towards women but that didn’t stop me from making plans to venture into the city and try a new place to eat. 

I had heard about Rasika and that you needed to make reservations about 3 months in advance. I missed out on that and made a reservation ONLY about a month and a half in advance. At that point, I could only get a time for the Friday night before. Although it would have been nice to go ‘on the 14th’, I was happy we were able to get in at all. Rasika has been rated one of the best Indian Cuisine restaurants in the country and now I know why. 

This wall was full of different types of spices. If or when we design a home, I want a wall full of spices, Kyle. 

We ordered a starter salad, knaan, rice, sea bass folded in banana leaves, Chicken Tikka Masala and Lucknowi Bhuna Lamb. Once I got full, it was hard to stop. This is definitely a special occasion restaurant that I will want to revisit. 

After Rasika, we hit up our favorite gelato place, Pitango (original post HERE). It was pretty chilly outside so I got what they call Affogato, which is basically gelato with either espresso or hot chocolate over a scoop of gelato. It felt like I was eating a hot fudge sundae that decided to make itself known to me and me only. 

On the actual Valentines Day, I made Kyle pink cinnamon rolls in the morning and these chocolate lava hearts for dessert later on. They were SO good but I was about sugared out by the time we finished. 

Luckily, the next Sunday, Kyle made his chocolate strawberry ice cream, which is in my top 5 of all the ice cream flavors he has made.  

Boo seemed to like the box of caramels Kyle got me. 

I'd like to think Boo probably agrees with this holiday. And NOT with the big red bow I tied around his neck.

I too agree with this holiday but not because I need a reason to tell or show Kyle I love him. And Boo doesn't need a reason to take a cat nap in a cardboard box that is just his size. 

Kyle, be mine. Always. 

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