Los Angeles: Downtown and Santa Barbara

When I heard that I would be having a work conference in L.A. in July, I immediately started figuring out how I could fly Kyle out so we could visit his sister, Becca, and her husband, Art. I figured a way to leave later in the week and we bought Kyle a plane ticket and started planning! I told Becca and we'll just be honest and say this trip was planned around the food! Oh so many good bites. I'm so glad we were able to take this little trip and have grapefruit, fresh avocado toast and dates for breakfast every morning!
Big Rufus. The cutest Chocolate Golden Doodle ever! He is almost
as big as me and it was a struggle to lift him like I used to be able to.
Becca and Art took us out to dinner at an AMAZING place called Republique.
Kyle and I keep dreaming about just the bread and butter! It was incredible. 
Salt & Straw ice cream for dessert!
The next day Becca and Art had to work so Kyle and I took a little trip to
Universal Studios but not before getting Acai smoothie bowls at Backyard Bowls. Side note: we were TOTALLY planning on Disneyland but it happened to be the actual 60th anniversary that day and I did not want to face those crowds. Oh Disneyland, I will see you soon enough! 
I COULD NOT wait to bring Kyle on this ride! One of his
favorites is Jurassic Park and he just needed to be here already.
Of course lines were packed here too but single rider lines are a plus when you end up in the same boat!
The next day Becca took me to an amazing juice bar.
It's been mentioned a couple of times on here before (here and here), but we LOVE McConnell's ice cream. When it's not sold back east at all and we had the opportunity to get it in person, you bet this is one of the first stops we made that day. 
Decisions, decisions...
This was the summer fruit cobbler which...how do I even describe in words how tasty? I don't know.
Three cheers and cups of ice cream for McConnells!
Grand Central Market had the best fruit. I wish I lived nearby so I could get fresh fruit everyday!
Becca took us to an amazing candy store!
We were trying to decide what to do when Santa Barbara came up in conversation. I am SO glad we made the trip up because it was beautiful and charming. I would love to visit Santa Barbara again! Kyle was also able to cross two more McConnell location visits off his list!
We found these Friar cut outs and this happened.
Friar Jellybean! ha ha ha
Love this sister-in-law of mine!
Some of the best mole chicken enchiladas I've EVER had!
McConnell location number two.
McConnell location number three. 
The pilgrimage comes to a close.
Beautiful California sunsets!

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