At the Old Ball Game and a Happy 4th!

I'm slowly become a Nationals fan. It's so fun to go to a game down by the harbor and to cheer on the team from the Nation's Capitol. I've been a lucky duck and have been able to go to two games so far this summer.
One was for work and another to see my love's all time favorite team, the Giants play the Nats. 

One of my favorite parts of going to a Nationals game is their Presidents Race. The Nat's main mascot is Screech, the eagle, but they also have several of the presidents in form of mascots. This time they came out racing on segways and it was amazing. It was fun to leave work a little early and hang out with coworkers outside of work. 
Next, we went to the Giant's game. I've also become a Giants fan through marriage (orange isn't really my color). But I do love oh so much watching my love get into the game and keep up with how they are doing. Here's hoping we are able to get out to see them play at the AT&T Stadium someday.
We went with awesome friends and had a great time. Our friend Nate said that he loves
both teams equally which is why he sporting a Giant's shirt and a Nat's hat. Classic. 
See? I love when he gets really into the game. 
And then, of course, it rained. And not only sprinkled..but poured. We kept trying to
watch and not let it  bother us but we went up above to get some shelter for a bit. 
It eventually cleared up and we were able to go watch the rest.
Giants unfortunately lost :( Let's hope we can see them win next year. 
I actually started falling in love with Kyle during a baseball game (Salt Lake City Bees to be exact). I guess I technically fell in love with him earlier but we started talking about the future during that game and I started thinking I might want to spend a little bit more time with this Kyle McOmber.
The night capped off with fireworks on the eve of the 4th of July. We started watching them in the stadium but then we decided to leave and watch them out in the parking lot and it was a MUCH better view.
The next day we took it a little easier than last year's 4th of July (my legs hurt even thinking about the bike ride back to our house from the Washington Memorial). We had a barbecue back at our old place with Martina our landlady and it was wonderful. This grill master was super cute.
'Merica. I didn't have time to throw together a the tomatoes had to do.
We decided to head out to Gravelly Point Park which is right next to the Reagan Airport and across from the Washington Monument. Kyle's ultimate dream is to watch the fireworks on kayaks out on the Potomac. I promise Kyle, someday we will! For one of the biggest cities to celebrate freedom and America, it's a little hard to drive in, put kayaks in the water and hang out until the fireworks. We had heard it was going to rain and it had also been cloudy all day so we were happy to find a different and safer place to watch the fireworks. 

I love this guy for making it possible to always be myself with him...whether or not I like the outcome. 
It was cool to see the monument from a different view and see all the boats come in.
The sunset was beautiful but then the clouds moved in.
It made it a little hard to see the fireworks but we still saw what we could. 

Here's to a happy 4th of July from the Nation's Capital! 

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