Dear Monday...

Dear work...THANK YOU for having one of the best seats in town. I
got to go on the rooftop of your pretty building and did not regret it. 

Dear Surprise Cookies...I want to make you ASAP but pinned you because it will have to wait.

Dear Bailey...thank you for the prettiest birthday flowers ever! I love them so much and am
so glad they sent me another vase and bouquet since my first vase broke. More flowers for me! 

Dear Kyle...thank you for always being so much fun and making me laugh. I love that when I was taking
pictures of the flowers all I heard was "watch out for the broom!" and caught this gem of a picture. 

Dear National Building are so cool! Thanks for hosting a
neat dinner that my work invited us to so we can admire your tall pillars.

Dear work...thanks for inviting me and Kyle to a snazzy dinner at the National History Museum so we could drink out of fun glasses and enjoy good food. 

Dear Rifle Paper make the cutest book covers! Why, oh why, do I have to wait to buy them all?! 

Dear Kyle...I hope we have 5 littles that look exactly like you
when you were little. Also, I love all your sisters. Beauties. 

Dear Kyle's great great grandmother Etta...I love your name and want to name one of our littles after you. Also, I can't wait to meet you and hear what it was like for you when you were our age. 

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