On Top of Old Smoky

For labor day weekend, we took a trip down to Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina with some friends. All I could think was "no wonder it's called Great Smoky". Drifts of fog would roll in and out through the hills and we felt like we were right in the middle of a scene from The Last of the Mohicans. We loved getting away for the weekend and marking another national park off the list.
We stayed in a fun cabin that was surrounded by trees.
Beautiful foggy sunsets. 
We took turns on meals and this was a taco salad by our friend Lucy that was SO good. 
It was over this weekend that I decided I would run a Ragnar Race (I have no idea why...) so Kyle and I went on a little train run to continue my training. I loved running through the mist with him cheering me on because runs like this are a walk in the park for him.
Smoky, no?
We went on a lot of fun hikes including one to a waterfall that has had better days (moving into the fall, I think it had started to die off).

Our friends Jake and Sierra have the cutest baby named Sloan. This is what he does when they say 'show us your muscles'. 
Cute Benson.
Kyle found a vine and tried to see how far he could climb before he got too tired or it gave way. Luckily he got too tired first because I'm not sure what would have happened if it broke.
We got caught in a crazy rainstorm and had to wait with the littles while the guys rain back to get the cars.
I get so excited when Kyle plays with our friend's kids because I see what he'll be like as a dad.
The ultimate selfie. 
One of our friends was making pancakes for breakfast and I gave him the assignment of making a Sasquatch shaped one. I think he did pretty well.
The area was full of green fields and barns.
We finished our stay by visiting Upper Creek Falls to do some rope swinging and rock sliding. 
This rock slide was the coolest thing. You just sat down
and the current picked you up and threw you on down. 
There were some people there with the cutest dog and one dog
started sliding down on accident so Kyle jumped in to save him. 
We LOVED Great Smoky Mountain National Park and
hope to return soon while we are out on the east coast!

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