A Day at Manassas Battlefield Park

We decided to spend Black Friday a little differently and 'Go Outside' like REI advertised. We had yet to visit the famous civil war battleground, Manassas. Kyle loves the civil war so he was my own little tour guide as we walked the beautiful grounds. None of these men thought the war would go on as long as it did nor be as devastating. This battle in particular was the first of the civil war and this was the main battle that really brought out what was to come. It's amazing to live in an area rich with American history. 
This is where Confederate General Jackson got the nickname of Stonewall Jackson by being seen by a soldier who exclaimed, "Look, men, there is a Jackson standing like a stone wall!" Stonewall indeed. Kyle even got his passport book stamped which is always a plus. 

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  1. I didn't know you guys had a blog!! Ha! totally stalking it now. PS I was born in Fairfax VA, lived in Manassas, and we moved from there to Colorado when I was 5! VA love.