Milk Bar and Such

Kyle and I took a date night to see the Army Band's Christmas Concert and to visit the famous Milk Bar in it's Washington D.C. location that had opened about a month earlier. The chef/founder and owner grew up in the area and wanted to bring it back since most of them are located in New York City. The idea behind the bakery is that it includes famous "happy mistakes". These include a compost cookie (cookies with a lot of different ingredients), crack pie (which is addicting beyond anything I've had before) and cereal milk (just as it sounds and seems it sugary milk). The line is usually pretty long but since we went around 10:00 at night we only waited about 15 minutes. It was definitely worth it and a fun night out to get into the Christmas spirit. 
The beautiful Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall. 
Neat giant reindeer.
Crack pie. It's just amazing.
Archway of Christmas lights to end the night!

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