A Visit From Winter Storm Jonas

#2016Blizzard has been blowing up on social media the past 5 days and counting. Yes, Storm Jonas visited and dropped off 2 feet of snow, making it the largest snowstorm on record for several locations in the East but especially everywhere from Washington, D.C. to New York City. Luckily, Kyle and I were able to work from home on Friday and prepare for the snowfall  starting in the afternoon. I've always found it funny that people here get really anxious about snow until I realized why. They just aren't prepared for it and when it hits, driving becomes almost impossible with all the ice hitting the roads. Wednesday was the start of a small flurry and I found myself stuck on our road for 2 hours waiting for people to try to get unstuck. It was crazy and I'm glad we were home in time to get ready. Kyle went out and bought some firewood for our fireplace in case the heat went off and I cooked up an extra meal to have ready in case we lost power. It's funny how your thinking changes when you realize what you can't do if you don't have electricity. While working on Friday we watched small flakes turn into bigger flakes and we watched a wall of snow start to accumulate at the base of our door. It was exciting and fun to witness history but not so fun when it was time to dig out our walkways and car. It was also fun to get some snow days off of work the following week. Yay snow days!

I visited the grocery store Thursday night and managed to grab the last lonely skim milk on the  bottom left. The only other milk available was almond milk and chocolate milk.

Almost all of the produce was gone too.

Kyle and Boo waiting for the first flurries to hit. 

And hit they did. 

I got out before it got too bad to get some pictures. 

This is the sight we had the next morning. By dawn we had received at least 20 inches.

We couldn't even open the door to get out and had to climb out the window to start shoveling!

This guy thought he wanted to come out at one point but I could see it would turn the other way real fast. 

Kyle snapped this shot and I thought, "That's how I feel after all of this shoveling."

We got the walkways done enough to walk through and turned to get some of the sidewalk next to our house.

No one had even started shoveling the sidewalk so I caught this moment where we sat down not wanting to keep going. 

 Boo back inside safely and warm.

Our good friends came over in the afternoon and got us out of our cabin fever by taking us sledding across the street.

We found the perfect hill and actually ended up getting quite a bit of speed. 

Our buried car. This took at least 2 hours to dig out.

I guess I should say "Thanks Jonas for the memories!".

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