A Cumberland Cross-Country Skiing Trip

Our wonderful friends Matt and Heidi gave us a call after big Storm Jonas and invited us to visit their little getaway home in Cumberland, Maryland. Matt has had this home for about 3 years and has been fixing it up. They hope to eventually rent it out to those who want to to experience Cumberland and the surrounding areas. With all the recent snow, they also said it would be a great time to go cross-country skiing. We jumped on the invite and drove north. Kyle insisted on having the most ridiculous outfit he could put together and somehow found a pair of my shorts that fit him. I think he won out of all of us and had several people laughing on the trail. I'm glad I married him.

The outfit reveal.

Matt and Heidi's reactions.

Cutest little state park. It's situated on a big lake and they offer
cross-country skiing and snowshoeing during the winter. 

Getting the hang of cross-country skiing takes a little bit of time. Well for me at least.
I feel like I was falling anytime my skies decided to keep going before the rest of my body could keep up. 

The great Cumberland home owners, Matt and Heidi. 

Our friends, the Lloyds came with us too. We've gone on a few excursions
with them including a hike to Old Rag in Shenandoah

It was so nice being in nature and seeing all the snow. We ended up taking
off our coats too with the warm weather and the skiing workout. 

The path went uphill most of the time but eventually took us down quite a big hill.
Kyle did wonderfully for not having skied in a while. Outfit and all. 

Such a great group of friends. 

The park ranger recommended Cornucopia Cafe and if you EVER find yourself in Cumberland, MD you must go!
Best tomato soup I've ever had. It may have been the workout talking but it tasted so good.

Catching Kyle mid-throwing a snowball. 

We visited one of the oldest and largest stone arch bridges in America.  

Another favorite part of this trip was a visit to the Fruit Bowl. They had nicely priced produce and a huge selection of candy. Kyle and I loaded up on some produce so we wouldn't have to grocery shop when we got home and snagged a couple of treats too.

Each box had a little handwritten sign of the type of candy. 
It reminded me of my Great Grandma Emily's handwriting.

Hard decisions.

At first glance there isn't much to Cumberland but after exploring and
especially being with good friends, it turned out to be quite charming. 
Thanks Fischers and Lloyds for a great weekend!

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