Valentine's Day Visit to Strasburg, VA

I am one of those girls that has more love for an anniversary or birthday rather than Valentine's Day. I still love to celebrate it, but think it doesn't need to be a big song and dance...or as big as the song and dance of an anniversary. Imagine my surprise when I came home to my sweet husband with dinner made and a trip planned to historic Strasburg for the night! You know those times where someone does something that really speaks to you? Kyle nailed it right on the head for this one. Even though I knew he would probably be planning something, I didn't expect this and it was the perfect meal and getaway for our first Valentine's Day as marrieds.

The table neatly set. 

A shrine of us on the table. 

The YUMMIEST kabobs ever! Our sweet landlady Martina has an amazing grill and this was one of the first times we had used it. It left us wondering why we don't use it more often.

The Grill Master. 

Such a yummy and romantic dinner. 

Hotel Strasburg is located in, where else, but Strasburg, VA. It was settled by German-speaking Pennsylvanians and it's name is taken from Strasbourg, capital of Alsace, France. We didn't spend a lot of time exploring the town because it was so cold but we did stop in by a neat antique shop and grabbed some warm cinnamon rolls at a bakery the next morning. 

It was the most adorable bed and breakfast with almost everything inside being antique and from the Victorian period. We obviously weren't thinking when we decided to look up online whether the hotel had a history of hauntings. Well...COME TO FIND OUT... the hotel is the oldest settlement still standing in the Shenandoah Valley and it used to be a hospital! Despite it's charm, the hotel definitely seemed it could house some friendly (or not so friendly) ghosts. I ended up asking Kyle to leave the t.v. on until I fell asleep and even then, every creek and move of the house settling had me jumping up, ready to leave. The next morning turned out to be much better once the sun came up. 

It meant a lot to me that Kyle took the time to find a little getaway for Valentine's Day that wouldn't break the bank. I love the moments where he does something new that surprises me or that helps me know he is thinking of me and what will make me happy. It was fun to visit little Strasburg and a great first love holiday together.

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