Mom Killpack and Sis Yeip Come for a Visit

I wanted my mom to be able to visit Kyle and I at some point while we were out here in Washington D.C. It turned out that while she was looking at dates, Olivia was right next to her and with sky miles, the two of them were able to get free tickets to come for a weekend! Kyle had work and school most of the time but he was able to see them at night. It was so fun having them here and showing them the sights and fun things we've seen so far. 

We stopped by Ford's theater one morning and watched the little play they put on before heading over to see the home he passed away in.

I loved being able to take them on a tour of the Capitol and getting them out on the balcony for this lovely view.

You can tell it was windy that day from the three straggler hairs floating above my head.

I was even lucky enough to show them my great parking skills. This actually should have never happened and I'm surprised it did. After completing a 20 point turn, I nudged our car into this space. It was a bit crowded on the Hill that day and Good Stuff Eatery was calling. 

I took them over to try Georgetown Cupcakes (although we personally think Sprinkles is better). And I love my mom.

Of course, liv needed her picture next to Olivia Macaron.

We went to the zoo and had to fight off the temptation to buy matching panda ears after seeing Bao Bao, the cutest baby panda ever!

We also went to the U.S. Botanical Gardens and made dried flower pins and got a few bags of herbs to plant later. 

Outside the American History Museum, they had these beautiful lilac bushes so naturally, a picture had to be taken. 

We were able to see most of the museums. This gem was taken in the American History Museum. 

By this point, our feet and legs were aching and we got slap happy. 

They were able to book their flight to come out the weekend of May 2, my Dad's death anniversary. It's always hard to know how that day is going to go, but as we were walking along the mall, we stopped by the WWII Memorial where a bagpipe band was playing beautiful songs and the sun was pushing it's way through the clouds. It was a perfect way to honor and remember him. 

Nothing beats Amazing Grace on the National Mall right before sunset. 

Liv talking to Lincoln. 

I love and look up to this girl not only because she has always been taller than me, but because of her example. 

We went to Eastern Market one morning and got the BEST breakfast ever with the legendary bluebuck pancakes (blueberries in buckwheat). 

Looking around Eastern's Market at the flowers and produce. 

We took a break during one museum visit to watch the little brother Max play in his piano recital. Neat to be using awesome technology in the Air and Space Museum. 

We had a great weekend! I love these two so much and am so happy they were able to visit!

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