Zinga Is Our Happy Place

Whether it's date night, a quick study break for Kyle or we just downright have the craving, we hit up Arlington's Favorite Yogurt Place, Zinga! (Well, it's our favorite yogurt place at least) Kyle and I have probably tried most major yogurt chains throughout the area and this one wins for us and I think it includes a number of factors: 1. You get to try your OWN samples without a worker grabbing them for you...this gives us plenty opportunity to make sure we get the flavors we want. 2. Flavors! Zinga always has AT LEAST 12 different flavors that they rotate regularly. Aaaaaand, it's not always frozen yogurt. They rotate through custards and Italian Ice in case you are looking for a different type of texture. 3. Toppings. Oh the toppings. All your basic candy bar shavings and fruit plus whipped cream, gummy bears and gummy worms and hot fudge (my personal favorite). 4. Dividers - I can’t believe I am really talking about this but this is crucial. Zinga has these little plastic dividers that you can use to divide your cup in half, one half and two fourths of fourths. This allows for different flavors and toppings without having to get them mixed together the longer they sit. Optimum Tasting Variety. 5. Zinga's Loyalty Program - Once you spend $40, you get a free 10 ounce. Even though that may not seem much, we go so often, I know eventually it will pay it's way off. And it's always fun to hear them say, "Do you want to use your free 10 ounce?" YES! 6. Customer service - maybe we really are in our happy place when we go there but everyone who works there is so happy. It's owned by a family in our stake and I think all the employees are young men and women from their ward...and it's fun to see the occasional BYU attire since there are a lot of LDS goers. 7. Its only 5 minutes away from our house making it far too easy to drive over. I'm sure there are far more reasons why we love Zinga (wall color, suggested mix-ins like Smore (chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers)) but for now, we love our trips to Zinga. 

Love Kyle for putting up with me and all the photos I take. 

Totes The Best Hun Cal Fro Yo.

Zinga lets you draw pictures and put them up on the wall. Here's mine (I wasn't given the artistic abilities that everyone else in my family has).

And now it's on their wall. 

Oh Zinga. Thanks so much for existing. 

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