We All Scream for Ice Cream

The only present Kyle wanted for our wedding was an ice cream maker. And what has evolved from this desire has made me beyond happy. It's grown into a hobby for him and I'm not one to complain when every Sunday, I'm favored with a new ice cream flavor. Masterpieces range from a good old fashioned chocolate to a more daring lemon ginger. I think my favorites to date have been a lemon blueberry and sea salt caramel swirled in chocolate. About two months ago I found a professional ice cream cooking class with Hill's Kitchen, located up on Capitol Hill (catch the name pun?). I signed us up and it was SO hard to keep it a secret from Kyle! I somehow managed and we had just the best time with Marta Mirecki, a professional chef who taught us simple and egg-based ice cream bases, sorbets as tips on substituting sweeteners and creating our own flavors. 

One thing I love about Capitol Hill is that all of the businesses fit into these late 19th century press brick row houses.

With his manual laid out and ready to take notes.

Learning the correct way to 'temper' eggs for the base. 

She had made some ice cream beforehand so we could sample what she had demonstrated without waiting for it to chill. The winners at the top, going clockwise, are French Style Chocolate, Coconut, Lemon Sorbet, Philadelphia Style Vanilla, and Philadelphia Style Fresh Strawberry. 

The verdict was happiness. 

Hill's Kitchen had quite a bit of (overpriced) gadgets and we only wished you could get one free ice cream scoop with your purchase of the class. That didn't stop us from buying a high tech one anyways...for memories sake and to perfect our individual ice cream scoops. 

I'm excited to see Kyle continue to come up with fun, unique flavors and perfect his hobby. I can't wait for the day where we have these little pint containers full of his homemade ice cream.

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