Boo the Cat

Yes, this blog has a label named 'Boo the Cat'. And yes, Kyle and I got a little kitten although he is growing bigger and bigger every day. I didn't think I was going to become so attached to this little guy. He has become part of our family and makes us laugh. It all started when we noticed little bite marks in our bread packaging. One night we came home from a movie and heard rustling coming from the garbage can ... and there it was ... a big fat brown mouse. We tried to kill it but it was too fast. We went out and got traps and food poisoning. It made me so angry that they were getting bold enough to come into our living room! After the traps weren't working, Kyle came up with the idea to get a cat. After our landlady Martina complied, Kyle started the search on craigslist. There were a few we found but no one (or I should say no kitty) was really jumping out. And then Kyle found Boo. It was a litter of 5 kittens from a nice family that lived in Alexandria. Kyle went to visit them first and was leaning towards a black one. The mom had more of a fluffy coat and we noticed the black one was developing that same trait that we didn't want. That's when we started looking at Boo, known at the time as 'Squeaker'. He was so vocal and was always running off and exploring while his brothers and sisters were hanging out together. The more I thought about Boo, the more I wanted to bring him home. His 9 week mark hit, we went and purchased all the necessities (little box, kitten food and more toys than he would ever need) and drove down to pick him up. He was really nervous at first and it took him a while to get used to us, but now he is doing great. Boo is very active which will be good if the mice decide to come back although I've heard having a cat in the house will prevent mice from even venturing into the walls. Oh Boo, we're glad you are with us (namesake: from the great novel 'To Kill A Mockingbird', Boo Radley). Since it's been almost 5 months since we brought the little guy home, I thought I would put up some of my favorite photos. 

He was so tiny when we first got him..this was his first night in our apartment.

He eventually warmed up to us. 

And started playing in a box that Kyle designed for him. 

From day one he has always been curious and for lack of a better term, nosy. 

One night he wouldn't stop meowing until we picked him up. He just wants to be included in what's going on.

One of my all time favorites. 

One Eyed Willie. 

Cross-eyed Willie. 

Fashion. Glamour. 

We don't know how he gets into these positions. 

How does he sleep like this?

Or this? 

Boo has had his fair share of check-ups and shots. Here he was not wanting to be there anymore. 

Seeing the light after he had been examined.

And yet again...spending an hour in a cardboard carrier waiting to get his shots. 

Somehow, he still likes us...or so we like to think. 

Sleeping in random places. 

This still has to be made into a meme.

Sleeping with his tongue out...a lot. 

He found the one ounce of spotlight coming in through our window. 

Card shark. 

So domestic. 

In his first days, he'd climb up the back of our legs and sit on our shoulders when we would come home. 

What can we say? We love ya Boo. Glad you're with us.  

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