Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing...

The title of this post is an ode to one of my favorite Disney attractions, The Tiki Room. Hoping we get there sooner than later....

With the weather getting warmer and some green finally coming back to the trees, Kyle and I decided to borrow some binoculars and go bird watching. Kyle even checked out some bird books from the library. We drove down to a nature preserve and began the task of spotting some of the birds in the wild. It’s amazing how much more you see when you are seeking to find it. The birds were beautiful and we were able to match up what birds made certain sounds. I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but it was something that I will definitely want to do again. I am falling more in love with Virginia and the East Coast everyday.
Always sporting the Chacos. 
The site of an old home with the fireplace as the only proof it existed. 
This particular path led straight down to the Potomac.
We turned a corner and found the most beautiful stream that turned into a waterfall before entering the river. 
Kyle walked right through the river where I took the art of jumping from post to post, hoping I wouldn't miss a step and end up taking a bath. 
I've always found it weird that the male duck has the pretty colors while the female is usually brown and dull colored. I guess that is how she attracts the male for some strange reason. 
I'm thinking this little guy knew what we were up to and felt betrayed
that we didn't bring him along to uh....."look".....at the birds too.

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