Here's to Two Years

I can't believe it's been two years since Kyle and I got married! It's been a crazy road but I have loved every stretch of it including our time spent in Washington DC. Kyle planned an amazing getaway up in Northwest Pennsylvania to a little town called Peddler's Village. It had a fun hotel in the center surrounded by a variety of shops. We just hung out and would go out to get food or shop whenever we wanted. 
That weekend happened to be super rainy and we weren't prepared. The front desk said there was a wedding the week before and the wedding party left a bunch of white umbrellas so they let us take and keep two of them.
These white beauties ending up saving us from getting soaked.
It felt like we had stepped into a small European town.
What's a trip without ice cream?
Despite the rain, the grounds were beautiful, including this pond with tiny trains on tracks.
We were in a furniture and decor store at one time during our stay and I turned around to find
Kyle had found some heavy stone glasses (probably used for decoration somewhere).....and I remembered why I married him.
One of the highlights of the weekend was riding this carousel.
Kyle and his loyal pig.
I love that we did this on our second year anniversary.
It was the most charming area and I loved it including our little rain spells. 
Happy Anniversary Kyle! I am so lucky to call you mine. Thanks for being the best friend and husband I could ever ask for!
Here's to many more years and memories ahead.

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