10 Years

I still remember May 2, 2006 as if it was yesterday. I had gone to school that morning and was called out by my best friend Natalie's mom to hear that my Dad had been in an accident and that I needed to go to the hospital. In the end it was a blessing to me that I knew deep down inside that my Dad was already gone. It didn't make it any easier though when my mom had to kneel down and tell us he had passed away. Most of the time after that is a blur but at the same time, it is vivid and very powerful. At this time of my life, there were already big changes ahead: high school graduation, moving down to BYU to start college... but THIS was a big change I didn't plan for. As hard as it was, looking back 10 years later, I see it as one of the most defining events of my life. And for the better. I still ache for him to be here but I know I've become a better person for having known him and take comfort in knowing he still watches over me. 

This 10 year anniversary was one of the hardest ones. Even harder than the first one. I didn't want it to seem that we have moved on...but we have. And it's a good thing. But on this day, I still wanted to make sure we took a moment to remember my father Sam Love and the amazing person he was and is. My family and I decided that we would release balloons at the same time even though I was on the other side of the country. Kyle and I got three balloons....one for each of us and one for the baby. As we walked outside, a crash of thunder told us that we would probably have to wait to release our balloons with the rain coming...but it was so beautiful to watch my family release their balloons and talk about him. Kyle and I waited for the rain to clear out and then released our balloons a little later. 

I miss you Dad but am so grateful for the time I had with you. For the many dance recitals you came to see me in to helping me with my math homework because it was your favorite thing to do. For teaching me how to ride a bike and teaching me hard work ethic. For coming to pick me up when I ran away and got lost to showing me how much you loved me in so many other ways. For teaching me the beauty of the gospel, reality of our Savior and that the relationships we have with others is what matters most in this life. I can't wait to see and hug you again. I can't wait to introduce our little daughter to you. I'm hoping she's had the time of her life playing with you before she meets us. ♡

Miss you Dad. 

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