Baby is a.....

...a GIRL! 

I can hardly contain my excitement. The morning before we found out, my nerves were all tied up in knots! I somehow got through the first part of the day and then went to pick up Kyle where we had the most amazing ultrasound with the sweetest technician. We told her from the get go that we didn't want to know the gender and when the time came for her to find out, she asked us to look away. Kyle kept joking that he was peeking and it was so hard not to look! It seemed that she was able to find out pretty quickly. At that point, I was sure it was a boy and up until we found out, definitely felt like it was a boy based on my lack of symptoms. We had her write down the gender and seal in an envelope. We went to our favorite Sprinkles Cupcakes where they filled cupcakes with the brightest pink fluff. Kyle and I drove around trying to decide where we wanted to do the reveal and found a quiet spot down by the Potomac near the Lincoln Memorial. I'm so glad we filmed it because there is no way to describe my reaction. Kyle knew it was a girl which is why he doesn't seem that surprised, but I was expecting to see blue. Oh little girl...we can't wait to meet you! You already have our hearts and we think you are the sweetest and best thing that has happened to our little family.

All different types of cupcakes filled with pink! 

You can't hide that color.

We also got to take home some pictures of her beautiful profile. 

She definitely has my thighs.

Before we found out, my mom had sent me these. She knows me too well. She said even if we were
having a boy, I should hold on to them for the future because a child of ours would need to have kitten things.

Once we found out, she sent us the cutest little dress and baby's first running shoes!

I found the BIGGEST balloon ever for a picture to document. 

We are seriously so excited and can't stop talking about it! Can't wait to meet you baby girl!

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