DC Food Spot - Georgia Brown's

One of my favorite things about Washington D.C. is finding all the fun good eats around town. Kyle had an internship in the city and he would pass Georgia Brown’s every morning. He kept talking about it, saying we should go sometime. We finally saved up for our eating out once a month trip and went in for dinner. Georgia Brown’s is just as it sounds – a Carolina’s barbeque feel – full of food commonly found in the south. The feel of the restaurant was fun including the d├ęcor and the food was pretty amazing. I like to think we will go back, but there are too many other places we want to try before throwing a repeat into our monthly routine.

Bee decor found throughout the place. 

I loved the gold plated 'ribbons' on the ceiling. 

The best cornbread and biscuits - just so southern. 

I had never had fried green tomatoes and now I'll never stop talking about them. The perfect amount of fresh tomato and crispy batter. It may have been Georgia Brown's version though that did the trick - with a herbed cream cheese filling and bread and butter pickles along with different tomato sauces.

I couldn't resist a good old fashioned barbecue chicken with sweet potatoes and collard greens while Kyle got buttermilk fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Georgia Brown's, you won us over tonight. We were too full for dessert so we may have to come back and get some of that peach cobbler on another day. You are definitely the bee's knees. 

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