Hide and Go Seek, Sardine Style

We have made good friends out here who are very entrepreneurial minded to the point that they enroll in a program that allows them to develop an idea, research and market it, and work under a team of professionals to help along the way. We took a trip out to Georgetown to tour 'The Mansion’, as it is called. It was built in the early 1800’s and has been used for large parties and other events. Not only did we tour the place, but we also decided to throw in a game of Hide and Go Seek. I was certain I would always be the last one to find everyone. As we started, I told Kyle that this seemed like the perfect setup for one of those movies where friends get together in a big house and people get killed off one by one. Luckily, my imagination did not get the best of me and we had a pretty good time playing this ‘simple’ game.

Arriving at 'The Mansion'.

Before we started the game, we went out on the rooftop and got a nice view of Georgetown at night. 

You can see the Kennedy Center and the Washington Monument down the way.

'The Mansion' has this big ballroom that is used for events. Surprisingly, no one ever hid down here.

'The Mansion' has all of these fun quirks and hidden passageways. Kyle is looking at stairs that lead up to a tiny room that will lead up to the rooftop and other spaces. 

This is the work station where all the creative juices get flowing. It was such a cool place to visit and hide in even though we had no idea where rooms were located most of the time!

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