"What does the fox say?" you ask? Now we know.

The other day, as I was riding my bike home from the metro, a fog had eerily settled through the trail and it reminded me of Beauty and the Beast. I took a couple photos.

On another note, Kyle and I woke up at 3:00 in the morning to the most hideous screeching sound. It sounded like a baby crying but also a woman yelling out. I woke up and asked Kyle what that horrible sound was and Kyle didn’t know. Then we heard a cat hissing and knew it was Boo. Kyle ran out with a flashlight and saw two pairs of eyes in our backyard. Once Kyle went out, one pair of eyes leapt over the fence and got out of their quick. We later found out that a fox has been sneaking around in the neighborhood and I’m guessing Boo won’t let it get anywhere near our house. Boo came in like nothing was wrong and that he had done a good job in keeping us safe. We’ve heard the fox since this incident, and the neighbors comment that he’s been hanging out in the neighborhood for a while. Let’s just hope Boo continues to stand his ground.

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