It's a Snow Day!! (or three)

Like I've said before, Washington D.C. doesn't seem to get snow until around January or February and when it finally decides to come, it dumps on us. We can usually plan for 5 or 6 snow days a year. When the first snow day hit, we made sure the walks were shoveled (you get a ticket if they aren't!) and made a trip to one of our favorites, Good Stuff Eatery for a frozen hot chocolate milkshake, because what else can you do when it is freezing outside? I know it doesn't seem like as much snow as our beloved Utah gets, but this snow is VERY different. It's heavy and wet and when it freezes, because of the east coast humidity, it can get very ice and dangerous. So we're happy when the snow days come along so we can be safe but also get a day to ourselves. 

Don't let the look of the bright sun deceive you...stepping out into this was freezing!
I love the giant cowbell that hangs in Good Stuff. 
Yes....bring on the brain freeze. 
Our second snow day wasn’t so much of snow as it was ice. I have never seen it get this bad before. We were trying our hardest to even stay standing up, making our way across the ice-coated sidewalks.
Seriously, everything had a thin coat of ice like it had been painted on. 
The third day really was a big snowstorm that lasted pretty much the entire day. We also sometimes get 2 hour delays in the morning because we need to wait for the temperature to rise so most of the snow can melt. We definitely had a 2 hour delay the next morning after this storm. 
Boo was thinking he wanted to go outside and I followed him out to get some shots. I wasn't surprised to see that he didn't leave this spot for the 5 minutes he was out. 
The biggest nope that ever noped. 
We usually try to get out at least once during a snow day and yes, we went to get milkshakes again. This may be turning out to be a snow day tradition. 
This guy stayed in for the rest of the day and hunkered down. I think he could tell it'd be a while before it'd be warm enough to go outside again. 
The next morning, trying to dig out our car. 
The cutest little snowman I saw the next day walking to work. 
Side note to this snow day: We had let Boo out the night before like we usually do. In the morning, he usually comes in and if it’s not first thing in the morning, it’s usually in the afternoon when Martina will let him inside. I texted Martina asking her to keep an eye out for him and she said she would. It reached 4:00 in the afternoon and I asked if she had seen him, which she said she hadn’t. We got home and went out to look for him because we knew a big snowstorm would be coming and that it would be bad for him to be outside. I didn’t realize how much this little guy meant to me until I thought he was gone. I had resorted to the fact that he either got eaten, got trapped somewhere or ran away. We went to bed that night and I began the process of trying to move on without him. The next morning, when we were heading to the gym, I had sat down by the door when I heard this faint meow. I flew open the door and he ran in, looking a little disheveled and anxious. He immediately started purring and kept rubbing up against us. Looking back now, I realize cats may sometimes stay out all night or be gone a couple of days. I have no idea where he went or why he was gone so long, but I was so happy to have him back in. Once he had eaten quite a bit, he went into our spare bedroom and fell asleep on a warm laptop. I’m glad we didn’t lose our Boo.

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