A Day At The National Aquarium

Kyle and I wanted to go up and visit his cousin Mary's art display in Baltimore and so we decided to make a trip of it and visit the National Aquarium. Mary is beautiful and makes sure the pieces of her art hold and represent her relationship with God. I love it! She created a neat piece of moving art that is projected onto the wall. 
We also looked at some of her other projects she is currently working on.
We also visited Edgar Allen Poe's home that he lived in and where he began to write some of his stories. It was only slightly creepy. 
 I love visiting Little Italy in Baltimore. 
 The National Aquarium was amazing. We saw all types of fish as well as bird and amphibians. My favorite part was this little puffin that swam right up to us and kept splashing at us. I'd like to think it's because he was excited for us to be there. 
 This poor little guy was missing a fin. He could still move pretty well though
and I'm glad he's being taken care of here. 
 Touching jelly fish! 
Coming up this escalator felt like walking into Jurassic Park!
 We finished our tour with dolphins! So beautiful! I'm glad we
could check this one off the 'East Coast to-do' list

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