Finding My Inner Wild

Around the middle of August, I found a Ragnar team who was looking for another runner. I had another friend running in this group and I decided to jump in. I'm so glad I did and even though it was taxing at times (try running 7 miles in the rain at 11:00 p.m. at night), I loved the unifying factor and support every time we had someone go out or come in. Our team was pirate themed so we had a lot of that jargon floating around the next 24+ hours. The crazy part about this whole relay was that we ran right when Hurricane Joaquin came floating over the East Coast. The announcer at the starting line said "You guys picked a doozy of a race if it's your first one. Good luck out runnin' Hurricane Joaquin." We didn't get hit too hard but it was still pretty rainy and cold. I'm glad I did a relay race and maybe think I want to do one again! 
The start of the race was at the prettiest resort in Maryland. I think I'd like to go hang out there again but not when it was rainy and freezing and right before I was about to run a combined amount of 14 miles!
These are some of the shots captured of my when running. I'm smiling in the first because I knew he was there but afterwards he caught the real thoughts I had finishing my first 4 miler in the rain.
Slapping that bracelet!
 I somehow survived but had gotten roped into helping out with a wedding the night after I finished. When they said they were just going to throw the flower displays away, I couldn't help myself and had to take them home. Kyle kept asking what I was going to do with all of them and I just said "Admire them?". I always jump at the chance to have fresh flower bouquets in our house!
 The D.C. Ragnar was a good one. So good, in fact, that the only thing that can outdo this post is a photo of Kyle's spontaneous dancing at the Washington Memorial the other night.

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