Summer Coming to a Close and a New Table

Oh, I haven't wanted summer to end but it eventually does come to a close. We decided to get a camping trip in before it got too cold. I love that this guy made this fire in the rain. Talent. 
S'mores always.

Onto the real reason behind this post. We finally finished our table! I should say, KYLE finally finished our table. He was amazing and worked so hard on it! I loved how it turned out. On the day we were moving, I looked at my email and saw that someone had posted 'free table and chairs' for pick-up. Since we already had the moving van, we ran over to claim it. Once we got there however, we realized that the table had not been cleaned for probably 5 years. It had been painted black and it was sticky all over the place. We scrubbed it a little bit before we brought it in but I was ready to get going on the sanding and repainting immediately. 

Once we realized how long it would take for us to sand the chairs, we decided to give them away and buy new chairs. All that was left was our little table. We spent days after work sanding and buffing the paint off and prepping it for a new coat. 

There's the good looking guy right there.

The next step was picking a color. This was BY FAR, the hardest part. It's so hard to know what a color is going to look like on a wall let alone a table. I knew I wanted a gray blue but when we got to the store, I realized I wanted more blue than gray....
...which resulted in this color. 
As Kyle started pouring it out I got a little nervous but then thought, "Well, we can't go back now."
And look at how it turned out! We are really pleased with the final product.
Thanks Kyle for always making me laugh.

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