A Walk Around the White House Gardens ✿

We have been here almost three years and FINALLY got some tickets to visit the beautiful White House gardens. It was such a warm spring day and although we had to wait a little longer than we thought in line, it was so worth it in the end to be where so much history has lived. Almost every president has planted a tree near the White House including President Andrew Jackson. They keep the grounds immaculate and I loved everything from the trees and flowers to the playground built for the Obama girls. Our next goal is attending the Easter Egg Roll on the lawn hopefully with our little one in tow.

Loving this little one already.

I told Kyle I was secretly pretending that we were there invited for dinner and just walking out in the gardens before going inside.

President's seal in the background...official business.

It really is a pretty house far away AND up close. 

I was DYING over these lavender trumpet vines on the stairs railway. They smelled so sweet and I imagined wearing a Scarlett O'Hara type gown and gracefully walking down these steps. The hoards of people visiting kept getting in the way of other pictures but I somehow got this picture people free.

HOARDS of people again. But a great shot of the
Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial in the background. 

The Rose Garden! Full of tulips now but I would LOVE to see all the roses once they come into bloom.

I keep wanting to label these pictures as a 'baby's first' but I think we may
have to wait until they are actually here in person for it to be official.

Thanks Mr. President for letting us attend your little garden party!

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