Bumpdate: 14 Weeks

I can't believe we are already up to 14 weeks! It's been so surreal to know that there is a little one inside me but not really seeing proof until most recently. Yes, a tiny bump has been showing up and it's so fun to see it starting to poke.

AND.....the bump! It's barely there, but you can definitely tell through my workout clothes.  

And I got this little gem the other day and it made me so happy! I know most moms to be look forward to getting out of the first trimester due to morning sickness and being tired but for me, it's just exciting to see this little one keep growing!

This Week's Details:

How far along? 14 weeks!

Size of baby? A lemon!

Stretch marks? Not yet. I have a ritual every morning and night of rubbing in cocoa butter. Who knows if it will work, but it's a nice thing to do just in case.

Sleep? Last week I was pretty sleepy and felt like I wasn't getting enough rest but this week so far has been fine.

Best moment this week? Seeing the beginnings of a bump!

Maternity Clothes? Not quite but I think I may need a couple of new skirts soon.

Missing? Turkey Subway sandwiches! Isn't that funny? We have a Subway right by our work and I always have to remind myself that it's just safe and smarter not to get one. You never know with deli meats.

Movement? Nothing yet.

Food cravings? Besides turkey sandwiches, I haven't had any other major cravings. I do find that if I get hungry, I tend to want crackers and cheese but I think that may be my body's way of saying it needs grains and dairy? Not sure.

Food Aversions? Meat is still a little hard. Kyle had friends in town the other day so we went to Good Stuff Eatery and looking at the hamburgers was starting to make me a little sick. I'm happy to stay away from them for now.

Bump? Tiny tiny bump! It shows more when I'm in exercise clothes.

Gender? Still thinking it's a boy but who knows? We have less than a month before we find out!

Names? We circulate different ones every now and then but we definitely have our favorites!

Labor Signs? Nope.

Looking Forward To? Our next ultrasound in May where we will find out whether our baby is a He or a She!

A few more details as of late: 

General Conference is my favorite. We love listening to the prophet speak and the opportunity to be inspired the whole weekend. Kyle's cousin Mary stayed with us on Friday night so we still had our second mattress set up...which made a nice spot to lay back and watch from.

My work got us free tickets to the Washington D.C. filming of Jeopardy! It was so cool to be there in real life and see how the filming works. It was kind of like a celebrity edition but these were 'power players' or big political talk show hosts from nearby. They each played to win money for a certain charity. I keep telling Kyle he needs to get on the show because he does really well anytime we are watching at home.

Alex Trebek was really great and would come down during the commercial breaks for audience Q&A's. Filming took place in the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall. We had to wait about an hour and a half in line, with a rainstorm hitting halfway through but we were lucky enough to be moved down to the floor since they needed some extra people to fill the spaces. It was so cool to be so close!

Afterwards, we stopped in Georgetown to grab some brunch and I saw the most beautiful scene of these tulips in front of this old church with a bright red door.

We went out with some friends to visit GlowGolf, a glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course. I hadn't been mini golfing for a while so it was fun to figure out the best angles to hit the ball. Kyle and I made a bet...whoever lost would be cleaning the bathroom for a month. Let's just say, by a lame 2 points, that I lost that bet.

Boo Radley LOVES Kyle. Anytime Kyle is on the ground, he likes to cuddle up by him. They both fell asleep like this the other day. I can't wait for this to be our baby!

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  1. Thanks so much for the post. It's grand and you are so busy. I look forward to seeing Boo Bump (Baby McComber) on Sundays.