Boo's Fight With Nature

Last night, I was with Boo letting him get his outside time and he was so happy and excited – leaping and jumping around, attacking every blade of grass that moved, chirping/air-gnawing at all the birds in the trees and timidly (although it may be not so timid in the future) watching the cars that drove down the street.  Just as I was about ready to pick up his little paws and carry him back inside, I decide to watch him run out one last frolic. He did this ginormous (in his eyes, but to me it was the cutest tiny leap) jump into the grass face first and paused for a second. All the sudden, he leapt back with high pitched meow and booked it over to the edge of the concrete pad. He immediately started pawing at his nose and face and meowing over and over again. Insert my thoughts: I knew getting Boo would include the responsibility of watching over a cat but I think I underestimated the emotional connection of getting our little guy. I immediately freaked out, picked him up and cried out for Kyle while running down to our apartment. I was certain he had been stung by a bee or other bug and that he was going to puff up in the face at any second. Kyle knows me too well and told me to calm down while he looked at Boo. Boo’s left eye was swollen shut and he just cried and cried. It killed me! Well…now Boo is fine. His eye eventually opened back up ten minutes later and he was playing like nothing had happened. I realized if it killed me this much to see our little kitty in pain, how bad is it going to be when we have actual kids?! Kyle told me I’m going to have to work on remaining calm and letting them know they are fine (even if they aren’t) when they get in an accident or get hurt. I think this is something I will have to work on consistently and especially when we welcome little ones into our family. 

Watching Milo and Otis

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