Beehive State Visit - Part 1

I felt like it had been so long since we were in Utah. This time it would be an entirely different season with a lot of changes. I was excited to see my family and to be with Kyle’s family, especially in his childhood vacation spot, Catherine Creek, Oregon. The night before as we were packing, we could tell Boo knew something was up. He kept jumping in our suitcase (he was probably just playing but I like to think he wanted to come with us). 

Not this time Boo....probably not any time, in fact. It costs $150 to take a pet on a plane with you. Yes....I've checked. 

We landed in Utah and I could immediately tell a difference in the air (lack of humidity). As we were coming down the escalator, I pulled a “You Know you’re In Utah When…” and took a picture of all of these families welcoming home missionaries. It was quite a sight to see.

Missionaries right behind us!

That night we went out with Liv and Carl to Red Iguana because I’ve never been and it’s amazing Mexican food. Yum yum. It was so fun walking into my home in Pleasant View and feeling the spirit through the service of 3 missionaries out. You can read about them here. Great food and treats everywhere along with the warmth of family nearby…there is something so special about coming home. 

Utah....Sweet, Utah. 

Peach Tree! Be still my heart!

Scott's famous waffles with peaches from their peach tree! 

I was in heaven with two peach trees out in my parent's garden to have every morning. 

I had made a dental appointment cleaning at our family place in Ogden so I grudgingly went the next morning and met my family and Kyle at the Ogden temple open house. This is the temple I went to beginning with my days as a beehive and all the way to pre-mission days. It was a little hard to see it redone because I remembered it how I always saw it…but at the same time it was gorgeous inside! It had followed the art deco style seen in a lot of old buildings around Ogden. I’m hoping it really gives Ogden a much needed lift.

Ogden did a project a while back where they placed painted horse statues all over the city. This one reminded me of Mary Poppins.

We had a great lunch at Five Guys followed by a Junction movie showing of Guardians of the Galaxy. I didn’t think I would like it but ended up loving it! We came home where I asked my mom if I could make bread and cinnamon rolls with her. Whenever I try to make them out in Virginia, I feel like they never turn out. It could be the change in elevation as well as the humidity, but I just wanted to watch step by step with her. I think they were the best batch of cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had by her. Magic. We ended the night by playing cards which is always a must in my family.

The next day, Kyle and I decided to go to the Golden Spike National Monument since we hadn’t been before. It was hilarious watching these older folks from around the area dress up and reenact the day the Union and Pacific Railroads finally met up in good ol’ Northwest Utah. 

The meeting of the trains...and awesome period clothing.

The husband. 

Will you smile for me in front of the train, please? 

A plaque to commemorate...

After the monument, we drove 15 minutes to the west to see Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty. This was actually really neat. This man in the 70’s went out to the northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake and formed rocks into a spiral formation. While we were out there, it seemed like we were in a totally different area. The area where the water receded left little formations of salt crystals.

In all her glory on the edge of the wilderness...

Such photo skillz...

The water had receded and the salt just stayed glued to this rock. 


I call this 'Man Wandering to Nowhere'.

I wrote out this cute message only to discover a mean 3-degree burn an hour later (yes…the sand felt hot…but not that hot! Or so I thought...) 

We didn't realize how long we had been out without sunscreen. Kyle got the worst of it. 

This wasn't as bad as the doosey he got on our honeymoon. He woke up one night and was heating up and sticking to our sheets from his sunburn.

We went back to swim with my family and checked out the Weber County Fair afterwards, full of good food and cute animals. 

Cute little doughnut pushes out the dough into the oil and travels down a little chute where metal wires flip them over once one side has been cooked. Kyle and I will own one someday.

Needed to buy the homemade rootbeer, obviously. 

Fluffy cloud of dissolvable sugar. My favorite.

I love how all the pens of animals have homemade posters with quirky themes for each animal owner.

Big Bertha....actually I really didn't know her name. That just sounds like a good one. 

I wanted a picture with the cow...who wanted a piece of my shorts. 

All the animals loved Kyle. And this one was hungry for paper.

Growing up, I always begged to have a rabbit. My mom would call everyone she knew who had rabbits and make me talk to them until I was "convinced" they were hard to take care of. This didn't stop me from buying my rabbit fur every year in West Yellowstone. I still have a hard time leaving the bunny exhibit. 

Hey little dude...

Since we were in Virginia over our first anniversary we had to wait until we were in Utah to have a piece of our wedding cake. And it was actually still really good. Lemon with raspberry. 

Kyle was a gem on our wedding day and didn't smash the cake into my face. I knew I wasn't going to be that lucky this time. 

We went to church the next morning with my family and came home to a yummy treat of Scott's homemade salsa...we sent this picture to him of the boys feasting since he wasn't there at the moment. I love Kyle's face. 

A chorus of angels sing whenever I take a bite of homemade peach pie. 

My mom was wonderful and invited whoever could come from the extended family up to see us. It was so nice to be with everyone for a brief moment. 

My cousin Torrey's little Lu (my middle namesake!).

The next morning, we went down to play tennis at Weber High School, walked straight up our mile long hill home and cooled off in the pool. We played the 'hit the cup off of Kyle's head with a ball' game.

Trying to get a nice picture of the both of us... in vain. 

And again...


We attempted a jump in the pool picture but of us was a little off. Still, this is pretty epic. 

We made this little girl swim in the pool too....and she HATED it.

Oh Utah at are beautiful. Such a great weekend with the fam! Next...our trip up with Kyle's family to...get this...The Beaver State. Yes, Oregon, My Oregon. 

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