Beehive State Visit - Part 2

I should have the titled this post "The Beaver State" because we drove down to Farmington Monday night and early the next morning, took off for Kyle's childhood vacation spot, Catherine Creek, near La Grande, Oregon. Kyle said to just expect it to look like Idaho, which at first it did, but once we got to Catherine Creek, it was beautiful with tall pine trees, a flowing river to float down, huckleberries all around and wonderful Wyatt side family.

Nell's :) I had heard about Nells-N-Out while Kyle and I were dating. It's the tiniest little drive up spot but has custom named drinks (ex. Polar Bear, White Ghost, Cowboy) and shakes. Here, I'm holding a 'Scottie'. Yes, Nell's lived up to it's name.

We drove in to Catherine Creek and threw our bags into a giant log cabin where we'd be sleeping. Next, for the first time ever, I was able to go 'fishing' with Kyle. It wasn't really full on fishing but I was able to see a little bit of his love for the sport. 

I love how he was super excited to catch what was tugging...a little baby minnow.
Another great plus to this visit was all the little babies ready to cuddle at hand.

And plenty of lollipops to go around.

Love this little nugget. 

The days were filled with early morning runs, lots of crafts
and an awesome water balloon launching fight.

I knew that I would eventually do this...but didn't realize how cold the water would be. There were moments where the girls would get water thrown on them as they passed by which luckily never happened to me. River floating was a good thing. 

Oh of my FAVORITE things about Catherine Creek was that the owners had a mamma cat who had given birth to five little kittens. I had to work hard at keeping myself from walking up to check on them every day we were there. 

Grace and Millie had the exact same idea. This was checking on the kitties after a harsh rain storm. 

One night we drove into La Grande and visited Kyle's Grandparents' graves.
I married into the best family.

I introduced Kyle and brothers-in-law to NERTs, a game my family plays far too often.

I loved Catherine Creek in the morning, with a misty river and bright sky. 

'Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.'
(Line taken from my love's favorite book)

My love on the bridge. One morning we came out to see huge Chinook Salmon swimming around. Kyle said they will travel all around and after mating and spawning, they
come back to where they were born, right before they die.

Gustopher. The loyal pup. 

I was so sad to leave. I LOVED Catherine Creek and am excited to bring our littles there someday.

We made the eight hour trek back to Farmington and went over to Margaret's for a movie night. Kyle's sister Becca introduced us to McConnell's Fine Ice Cream and I'm afraid
we have found a new splurge for our times home in Utah (not sold back east at all!).

Kyle can't contain his happiness. 

Kyle's family surprised me the next day with Cutler's Cookies (another Utah splurge)
for my birthday and it was the best surprise ever!

This cheeser again. 

Oh how I love and miss little Luke. 

Uncle and Aunt Selfie Time. 

With the women I look up to and adore. I can't believe I married into such an amazing family. 

We were spoiled during our summer trip out to Utah and it went by far too quickly. We will have to wait until Christmas, which isn't too far away, to see everyone again. Catherine Creek was good to us  and I look forward to picking more huckleberries and taking the river float plunge again.

LOVE this family and am so happy I am a part of it!

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