The Great Falls off of the Potomac River

Kyle planned a little outing for us and it was wonderful. We had never been to what people called 'The Great Falls' and decided to check it out. Kyle packed a cooler full of snacks and we drove about 15 minutes north of our house and hit the trail. 

Notice how there are signs pointing which way to go? This would have come in handy if we had read them. More to come on this later. 

It was the perfect temperature and a perfect evening despite the bugs that naturally show up when in nature. 

We walked on a path along a crystal clear river that broke off from the Potomac. 

AND...we give you...GREAT FALLS!! But not really...Kyle and I would later find out that we had hiked nearly a mile north of the actual falls. It was just fine though because this provided the perfect backdrop to our snack between the hike up and the hike down to the actual falls. 

We searched for the perfect place to eat our snacks. 

Kyle had gone and bought some nice meats and cheeses to pair with crackers and a variety of sauces. 

After our food break, we hiked back down and found this cool sign showing where the flood levels have been over the years. It's such a nice park now that I don't know what they would do if the water rose again. In the thirties, Great Falls park used to have a carousel but as it shows, it was flooded in '36 beyond repair. 

And here....we have...............drum roll...............the actual Great Falls! 

Doesn't it look like it's coming straight from a painting? It was incredible and beautiful. 

I would absolutely LOVE to see Great falls again. The rushing sound of the falls combined with the cool breeze of the night made for a calm and perfect evening. Thank you Kyle! 

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