The Fine Taste of Gelato

What we thought had been a frozen yogurt obsession has now died out and been completely replaced with GELATO! Neither Kyle or I have been to Italy where I've heard the real good stuff is, but we've found a couple of places to hold us over until we get a chance to hop across the pond. 

The first is Boccato! Found in a barely lit, urban/hipster coffee lounge, they never disappoint us with their variety of flavors and willingness to let us try every single flavor until we are positive we know what we want. 

The ice cream master himself, determining if the Double Chocolate is up to par. 

Lounging in the lounge afterwards, which is filled with antique furniture and random art.

** Side Note**
If you ever find yourself in Arlington, visit Bocatto for dessert but go to Uncle Julio's for dinner.

Get their Salsa Blanca and New Mexico Red Sauce Chicken Enchiladas. You won't be disappointed. 
**End Side Note**

Our next gelato beats all other types of frozen treats I've ever had. The thing that really drew Kyle and I to this place is their use of fresh ingredients.

Oh are so pretty.

A FEW of their flavors listed on the wall.

Where the magic happens before the REAL magic (gelato entering mouth) happens. 

Apparently Pitango is a big deal. Washington Post says so

Pitango is special because it imports nuts from Europe and milk/cream products straight from local farms in Pennsylvania. It's the real good stuff.

Kyle's masterpiece consisted of three flavors - Milk & Honey, Hazelnut, and Crema - because he is BOSS when it comes to knowing ice cream flavors. The Crema is a rich cream with a slight cheesecake flavor. SO good. Here I wasn't fast enough to capture Kyle's "I approve, thumbs up" endorsement. 

I got the basic Vanilla and Banana (which tasted like they had just creamed together bananas in the backroom with a little bit of sugar and gave it to me). We very much approve of Pitango and hope to make it back there someday when we can afford such luxuries (gelato uses the good stuff so it's usually more pricey than other desserteries).

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