You Can’t Teach a Cat New Tricks…Or Can You?

I think Kyle and I have both been surprised by how much we have grown to love this little guy. He is quite the amazing cat and has proved to be a good investment (haven’t seen a single mouse this winter…yet). He's even started to learn some tricks but will only perform them with evidence of treats nearby. He also continues to sleep in the weirdest positions. 
 One night he was playing with a bag and kept tossing it up in the air
with his teeth and pouncing on it again. Eventually, the bag won.
 One day I came home and Boo just had to sit on my shoulders while I made dinner. It was nice to have a little cooking companion. 
 We bought him a brush because he started to get a little fluffy and he’s gotten to the point where he will go over to the brush and meow letting us know he is ready for it.
He likes to come in and purr really loudly until we stir and then he begins a slow soft meow every few seconds. It’s nice when we are ready to get up but not so nice at 4:30 in the morning.
He also likes to sit up on the rice cooker and watch me make dinner.
I also like to think he dreams when he is sleeping.

Again, helping me cook in the kitchen and being quite photogenic.

And with the brushing. See, he loves it. This little guy is spoiled
but we are glad he keeps us company and make us laugh.

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