Off to a Great Start

We officially started our Christmas break with Kyle's family. My wonderful mother in law set up a hot chocolate station once we got there.
And she has the most beautiful newly remodeled dream kitchen! We immediately got going at Kyle’s house too with festivities. Kyle’s mom gave all the girls gold star-shaped earrings along with the poem Choose Something Like A Star by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Gosh, I love this family.
Kyle’s sister Becca and her husband Art got a new puppy and I could NOT hold him enough. He would let you hold him like a little toddler baby.
It took a while for Rufus and Gus to be okay being in the same room but even then, Gus was not willing to back down from his post. 

Another first stop we had to make was to the local Harmons to stock up on some McConnell’s Ice Cream which I first posted about here. It is by far our favorite ice cream mainly because the ingredients are as natural as they can get. It’s made in California but the sad thing is, it is only sold on the west coast including Harmon’s locations. We made sure to get plenty while we were there.  
We fulfilled the tradition of eating out with all the couples at the Mandarin. I also love the tradition of ‘phones on the table’ so no one can use them and so we actually talk to each other too.
It’s also a tradition to see a movie near Christmas Eve. We had already seen the Hobbit with my family so Kyle and I went to see Mockingjay and were the only ones in the theater (I guess the movie had already been out for some time). It's so so good to be home with family for Christmas.

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